Consultants insurance (Consultant errors and omissions insurance) also known as consultants professional liability insurance and consultants liability insurance is an insurance coverage acquired by professionals that provide consulting services to clients. If you offer any sort of consulting services to clients, you are at risk of being sued if things do not go as planned for your clients. Even making a simple mistake can end a professionals career if they do not have a consultants errors and omissions insurance (consultants professional liability insurance) policy. We provide consultants insurance (consultants E&O insurance) coverages across Ontario, Canada.

We are able to provide consultants insurance for almost every specialization. Find below professions we commonly insure!

  • Management ConsultantsConsultants Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Healthcare Consultants
  • HR Consultants
  • Safety Consultants
  • Personal Consultants
  • Executive Consultants
  • Technical Consultants
  • Business Consultants


In today’s world, the typical buyer is dependant on their sources, either employees, or third party professionals to be able to run company. The best alternative for the majority of businesses in this standing and the answer is acquiring services from a professional that retains expertise in the right subject of consultant insurance also known as Professional Liability Insurance for consultants.

This desire for specialist consulting, produced the requirement for all these experts to acquire professional liability insurance. As a consultant, your providers may function as the fine-line between a companies boom or disaster. Your customers place their faith in some cases and in you commit assets and their cash based in your recommendations. This employment not just holds period and investment, but additionally includes an obligation that is great. Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd, we, understand its worth for consultants and the consumer marketplace. Being in operation for over 30 years has given the expertise and information to produce an insurance policy which is totally customized to the the experts to us exposures, which in this case are advisers. If you as a consultant provide services to clients and are not insured, having consultants insurance (consultants liability insurance) is a must for you.


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why choose us for your consultant insurance

Liability insurance is an extremely wide term. This insurance to shield themselves from liability as an outcome of the services they provided for their clients is required by every professional in the service-industry.

Consultants now should ensure themselves from any chance of a liability. Your clients that earn you big dollars can very readily be the reason for a financial calamity for you personally or your business. Over the years, advice and with engineering finding being available at an average men discretion with just a couple of clicks hasn’t just produced accessibility of answers easy, but has additionally created the client more intelligent

Your customers now are familiar with claims, litigations, and court cases when it comes to them falling upon a monetary loss due to another (Experts). In your field, you could possibly often be required by your clients to obtain an expert liability insurance coverage as part of contract or the deal. In the case of a monetary loss for the client, they now want the protection of recovering from damages through your responsibility insurance in case the loses are a result of your negligence, mistakes, or failure to deliver to standard.

We currently insure 1000’s of Consultants Canada Wide. Our policies are personalized especially for your needs. We attempt to supply the finest protection for the cheapest prices. Contact us today for your consultants insurance, consultants e&o insurance, and consultants professional liability insurance! Get a Quote now